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Powerlist2020: Auffarth

"The Ophthalmologist" magazine published a "Ranking" of the "100 most influential personalities in ophthalmology worldwide" This list is updated every two years, since 2014, and once again, Prof Gerd Auffarth is listed. The ranking includes not just eye surgeons but the research scientists and engineers as well as industry leaders.

In lab, news, Apr 06, 2020

Eradicating PCO

A Landmark Contribution to Ophthalmology

In lab, news, Mar 29, 2020

DGII Mainz

Apple Lab at the 34th DGII Annual Congress.

In News, Feb 15, 2020

Visualising rays in IOLs

Hyeck Soo Son, Grzegorz Labuz, Ramin Khoramnia, Patrick Merz, Timur M. Yildirim, Gerd U. Auffarth. (2020) Ray propagation imaging and optical quality evaluation of different intraocular lens models. PLOS ONE 15(2): e0228342.

In research, news, Feb 05, 2020

EDOF IOL research

The use of monochromatic light in the assessment of intraocular lenses (IOLs) has been criticized in the past for not representing the real-world situation. In our in-vitro study, we aimed to measure and compare the image quality of three extended-depth-of-focus (EDOF) IOL models. The EDOF IOLs proved more tolerant to defocus than a standard monofocal IOL.

In research , news, Jan 20, 2020

Reasons for explanting IOLs

Research team at the Apple Lab report on the demographic analysis, reasons for explantation, and material changes in intraocular lenses (IOLs) IOL opacification was the main cause for explanting in 153 (76.5%) cases. The second most common reason was IOL dislocation. Most explants were lenses from a single manufacturer.

In research, news, Jan 18, 2020

Welcome 2020: New website

2019 was a great year for the Center for Vision Research in its publications of clinical and laboratory studies in peer-review journals. We look forward to seeing our partners at the ESCRS Congress this year in Amsterdam. Future content will be contributor-based. We welcome new and original articles on IOL research and IOL history.

In lab, news, Jan 01, 2020

70th IOL anniversary

Today is the 70th anniversary of the first IOL operation, Sir Harold Ridley’s implantation of an intraocular lens.

In history, lab, Nov 29, 2019

Wolfgang Haigis: in memoriam

Wolfgang Haigis was a physicist at the University of Wurzburg. He was instrumental in developing a device (the IOL Master) that, together with his formula is responsible for the often excellent vision that patients today enjoy with the appropriate IOL almost immediately after surgery. "His death - way too early - is a huge loss for ophthalmology," says the DGII-President.

In innovator, news, Oct 18, 2019

2019 cataract poster prizewinners in Paris

ESCRS President presented the First Prize to Daniel Chang MD, USA. The Second prize went to Grzegorz Łabuz from The Apple Lab in Heidelberg. The TECNIS Synergy IOL maintained excellent continuous vision up to 33cm with distance vision better than 1.0 (20/20)

In Sep 15, 2019