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Comparing Multisert and AutonoMe.

Isabella Baur Isabella Baur Follow Paper Sep 26, 2023 · 1 min read
Comparing Multisert and AutonoMe.
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Heidelberg 26 September 2023. We recently evaluated the implantation behavior and injector damage caused by two different IOL injector systems, the Multisert and the AutonoMe, in a prospective, randomized, comparative study with a laboratory investigation. Our report is publsihed today in the European Journal of Ophthalmology.

What we did

We examined used injectors from 48 bilateral cataract cases. We assessed video recordings of each Implantation. All eyes were intraindividually randomized for treatment with one of the two IOL injectors. Implantation videos were reviewed for inadvertent events and the time for different implantation steps was determined. The injector nozzle tips were examined using light and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Damage was graded using the Heidelberg Score for IOL injector damage (HeiScore). Three months postoperatively, IOLs were assessed for material changes.

Our Results

Implantation was without critical events in 96 of 96 eyes. Mean implantation time was 41.90 ± 7.11 s with the Multisert and 52.22 ± 12.06 s with the AutonoMe. In the AutonoMe group, we observed 4 eyes (8.3%) with a failed docking attempt, 28 eyes (58.3%) with a haptic adherence, one case (2.1%) of straight leading haptic and 2 cases (4.2%) of intrawound IOL manipulation. There were no events observed in the Multisert group. The mean HeiScore values were 0.87 ± 0.61 and 3.68 ± 0.47 for the AutonoMe and Multisert. 3 months postoperatively, IOL material changes were absent.

In conclusion

Both injectors allowed safe and controlled implantation. Using Multisert, we found that implantation behavior was more consistent. The injectors showed different damage profiles with a higher damage score for the Multisert.

Our study is registered at the German Clinical Trials Register (Deutsches Register Klinischer Studien; reference number: DRKS00007837). Our paper is open access and you can read it in detail on

Isabella Baur
Written by Isabella Baur Follow Paper
Dr. med. Isabella Baur is a guest contributor at the AppleLab website. She is an Ophthalmologist at the University Eye Clinic Augsburg, Germany and formerly Ophthalmology resident at the University Eye Clinic Heidelberg.