DGII Mainz

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DGII Mainz
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Apple Lab at the 34th DGII Annual Congress.

The 34th Annual Congress of the DGII* was held in the Rheingoldhalle in the German city of Mainz from 13 to 15 February.

*DGII = Deutschsprachigen Gesellschaft für Intraokularlinsen-Implantation, interventionelle und refraktive Chirurgie

Most of the papers are presented in German, as this is the official language of the meeting.

/assets/images/ Group Photo. Prof. Auffarth with some of the Apple Lab team in Mainz. l>r: G. Łabuz, L. Britz, T. Naujokaitis, T. Yildirim, H.-S. Son, G.U. Auffarth, H. Westphal, J. Weindler.

Four presenters from the Lab and the Eye Department in Heidelberg got awards for best presentation in a session: Leoni Britz, Daniella Emmerich, Jan Weindler and Hyeck-Soo Son.

Congratulations Leoni!

The best presentation prize in the first Scientific Session on Intraocular lenses, Injectors, and Material Studies: was awarded to Leoni Britz from the D J Apple Lab for her presentation on a new in-vitro model for IOL calcification.

  • Leoni Britz, S. Schickhardt, T.M. Yildirim, G.U. Auffarth, R. Khoramnia (David J. Apple Laboratory, Heidelberg) Kalzifikation von Intraokularlinsen: Ein innovatives in-vitro Modell

In brief, the team has developed an in-vitro model that replicates the morphology found in-vivo in calcified hydrophilic acrylic IOLs. We used electrophoresis to attain the same kind of calcification (formation of Hydroxyapatite crystals) that one sees in explanted, calcified IOLs. This is a fast model, quickly deployed, and relatively easy to use: we hope it can be applied in the future to contribute to a further understanding of IOL calcification and to assess the influence of associated risk factors.

… more on this research in a future article …

The congress program was packed with presentations on research from researchers from Heidelberg, from the Lab and from our colleagues in the Eye Department.

IOL Studies

  • Gerd U. Auffarth Injektorsysteme: Entwicklungsstudien im D. J. Apple Labor
  • Ramin Khoramnia, T. Yildirim, J. Weindler, S.K. Schickhardt, T. Naujokaitis, M. Dzhambazova, G.U. Auffarth (David J. Apple Laboratory, Heidelberg) In vivo-Bewertung der Inzisionsgröße und in vitro-Bewertung des Injektorschadens bei zwei vorgeladenen IOL-Injektoren
  • Lu Zhang, H. Fang, F. Auerbach, T. Naujokaitis, J. Weindler, S. Schickhardt, G.U. Auffarth Vergleich von fünf IOL-Injektoren: eine Ex-vivo-Studie
  • Jan Weindler, T. Naujokaitis, S. Schickhardt, R. Khoramnia, G.U. Auffarth IOL-Implantationsdauer eines CO2 in Abhängigkeit vom intraokularen Druck: In-vitro Studie

IOL Optics

  • Gerd U. Auffarth Moderne Optiken – Was muss man als Augenarzt wissen?


  • Grzegorz Labuz, R. Khoramnia, H.-S. Son, G.U. Auffarth Optical-quality comparison of a small aperture IOL with a diffractive extended-depth-of-focus and a standard monofocal lens
  • Ramin Khoramnia, G. Labuz, G.U. Auffarth (David J. Apple Laboratory, Heidelberg) Optische Qualität einer trifokalen Zweilinsen-Kombination im Vergleich zu trifokalen Kapselsack-IOL

Congratulations, Dr. Son!

The best presentation prize in the first Scientific Session on IOL Optics was awarded to Hyeck-Soo Son from the D J Apple Lab for his presentation on the effect on the optical quality of suturing an artificial iris to monofocal lenses.

  • Hyeck-Soo Son, C. Mayer, G. Labuz, R. Khoramnia, T.M. Yildirim,G. U. Auffarth Beeinflusst das Nähen einer monofokalen Intraokularlinse an der AritificalIris deren optische Qualität?

From our colleagues …

  • Klaus Rohrschneider Postoperative Nachsorge Katarakt-Glaukom-OP bei Kindern
  • Timur M. Yildirim, G. Łabuz, R. Khoramnia, H.-S. Son, I. Lieberwirth, S.K. Schickhardt, G.U. Auffarth (David J. Apple Laboratory, Heidelberg, and the Max-Planck-Institut für Polymerforschung, Mainz) Der Einfluss von Intraokularlinsen-Kalzifikationen auf die optische Qualität von segmentalen multifokalen Intraokularlinsen
  • Tadas Naujokaitis, L. Zhao, D. Gelen, R. Khoramnia, G.U. Auffarth Case Report nach IOL-Austausch und Implantation einer neuen monofokalen IOL mit verbesserter Tiefenschärfe

IOL Biometry

  • Tadas Naujokaitis, J. Usinger, D. Gelen, J. Weindler, P. Poompokawat, G.U. Auffarth Wiederholpräzision und Übereinstimmung der Achsenlängen-messung silikonölgefüllter Augen mit zwei optischen Biometern
  • Jan Weindler, J. Usinger, D. Gelen, I. Baur, P. Poompokawat, R. Khoramnia, F. Hengerer, G.U. Auffarth Genauigkeit und Reproduzierbarkeit wesentlicher okulärer Parameter für die Intraokularlinsenberechnung zwei verschiedener optischer Biometriegeräte

Congratulations Daniela!

The best presentation prize in the first Scientific Session on IOL biometry was awarded to Daniela Emmerich for her presentation on evaluating the clinical stability of a rhexis-fixated IOL after Femtosecond laser-assisted capsulotomy.

  • Daniela E. Emmerich, R. Khoramnia, G.U. Auffarth Evaluierung der Positionsstabilität einer kapsulotomie-fixierten Intraokularlinse nach Femtosekundenlaser-assistierter Kapseleröffnung

Dr. Emmerich reported “The data of the FEMTIS Study from cases in Heidelberg, were compared with similar data found in literature: rotation, decentration, horizontal and vertical tilt had better results than what we found in the literature, which means that the FEMTIS Lens shows an improvement in lens fixation. Because of the intraoperative videos, it was possible to measure the time needed for lens fixation; in 70% of cases it was under 2minutes. For the operator, there is only a slight learning curve.”

Toric and Premium IOLs

  • Grzegorz Labuz, D. Varadi, R. Khoramnia, G.U. Auffarth Assessment of central and peripheral corneal astigmatism in an elderly population

Congratulations Jan!

The best presentation prize in the first Scientific Session onToric and Premium IOLs was awarded to Jan Weindler for his presentation on the clinical study of a new mono-EDOF IOL- monofocal lens with enhanced depth of focus.

  • Jan Weindler, I. Baur, H.-S. Son, T.M. Yildirim, P. Poompokawat, R. Khoramnia, G.U. Auffarth Prospektive klinische Studie mit einer neuen monofokalen Intraokularlinse mit erweiterter Tiefenschärfe

Next Year

The 35th Congress of the DGII with Wet-Labs, instructional courses, and a program for Ophthalmic assistants, will take place in Dortmund from Thursday 25 to Saturday 27 February 2021. Dr. Peter Hoffmann (Castrop-Rauxel) will be the Local President.

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