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After Lock-down - how to re-start?

Donald Munro Donald Munro Follow May 11, 2020 · 1 min read
After Lock-down - how to re-start?
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After Lock-down - how to re-start?

SIFI Global Webinar

Saturday 9 May 2020

Since March or earlier this year, cataract surgery with IOL implantation has almost stopped in most countries because the regulations to arrest the spread of COVID-19 infections have given priority to doing only emergency ophthalmic procedures. In May, in many European and Asian countries, we start to see some relaxation of these regulations. The critical question now is how do surgeons re-start clinical and surgical practices once Lock-Down Restrictions have ended?

The webinar discussion on this subject was organised by SIFI and led by Jodbhur Mehta from Singapore, with an invited panel of seven surgeons from seven countries in Asia and Europe. There were 717 attendees, from 36 Countries.


  • Jodbhur Mehta, SNEC, Singapore
  • Ramon Ruiz Mesa, Andalucia, Spain,
  • Victor Capras, Manilla, Philippines
  • Tae Young Chung, Seoul, South Korea
  • Emilio Pedrotti, Verona, Italy
  • D Ramamurthy, Coimbatore, India
  • Gerd Auffarth, Heidelberg, Germany

The planned session of 75-90 mins ended going on to 105 mins. There was vibrant interest from the audience and a wish to continue. Also discussed,

  • Patient interview protocols
  • COVID19 testing – for surgeons as well as patients
  • Ocular infection with COVID19 – they eye as a portal?
  • The conjunctiva as a portal?
  • Hand to eye transmission
  • Googles and eye protection in the clinic setting
  • Pre-op medication and post-op medication
  • Bilateral cataract surgery to reduce patient visits?
  • Tele-ophthalmology
  • Refractive surgery

You can access the recording by clicking on the link:

Best regards to all and stay healthy

Donald Munro
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Donald J. Munro is the Business Development Director of the Laboratory, University of Heidelberg.