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Donald J. Munro is the Business Development Director of the Laboratory, University of Heidelberg.

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Two Apple cores

The Old and the New Korps: two cores

In news, history, Mar 01, 2023

Recommending realistic incision sizes!

Incision size recommendations - under the microscope.

In lab, news, Feb 16, 2023

Platinum Performance!

Nuremberg, Germany 25th June 2022. The German Congress of Ophthalmic Surgeons (DOC) was the largest face-to-face meeting in three years with 5,400 delegates.

In laboratory, news, Jun 26, 2022

Announcement: Prof. Auffarth to present the 2022 Ernst Bodenheimer Memorial Lecture.

The 2022 Ernst Bodenheimer Memorial Lecture:

In lab, news, Apr 27, 2022

The Nuc'Cracker

Amsterdam, NL. Sunday 10 October 2021. One of the award-winning videos at this year’s ESCRS congress was,“The Nuc´Cracker Suite” Art applied to Cataract Surgery – Visualizing an Artis...

In lab, news, Oct 10, 2021

The 80th anniversary of David Apple

Heidelberg 14 September 2021. Today would be the 80th birthday of David Joseph Apple, MD (14 September 1941, to 18 August 2011). He was the founder of our laboratory and above all he ...

In lab, history, Sep 14, 2021

Singapore winner!

Winner at the Film Festival 2021 of the Asia Pacific Association of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons

In lab, news, Aug 01, 2021

Remember 29th November!

Today, 29th November 2020, marks the 71st anniversary of the first implantation of an intraocular lens (IOL) by Sir Harold Ridley in 1949.

In news, history, Nov 29, 2020

Anneke Worst (1928-2020)

Condoleances aan iedereen bij Ophtec.

In ophthalmology, news, Aug 04, 2020

Chinese presentation

David J. Apple实验室经验――眼科医生如何助力人工晶状体的创新研发

In lab, news, Jun 21, 2020

After Lock-down - how to re-start?

After Lock-down - how to re-start?

In news, COVID 19, May 11, 2020

DGII Mainz

Apple Lab at the 34th DGII Annual Congress.

In News, Feb 15, 2020

Welcome 2020: New website

We wish you a Happy New Year - may it be a successful year for all our clients and partners.

In lab, news, Jan 01, 2020

70th IOL anniversary

Today is the 70th anniversary of the first IOL operation, Sir Harold Ridley’s implantation of an intraocular lens.

In history, lab, Nov 29, 2019

2019 cataract poster prizewinners in Paris

The First prize for cataract posters was awarded to Daniel H Chang MD, USA, for his poster “Visual outcomes and defocus curve profile of a next-generation diffractive presbyopia-corre...

In Sep 15, 2019

EDOF wavelength dependence

The latest paper from the research group at the David J Apple Lab has been accepted for future publication (in December later this year) in the influential American Journal of Ophthal...

In publication, Aug 19, 2018

Optical Quality July 1, 2018

New research article from the Apple Lab on Material Analysis and Optical Quality Assessment in IOLs opacified after Pars-plana Vitrectomy

In publication, news, Jul 01, 2018



In news, Apr 14, 2018

Dresden news

In Feb 17, 2018

Albert Galand 1938 - 2015.

Albert Galand, born 29 October 1938 in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert (Brussels) and died 22 December 2015 in Liege, Belgium.

In pioneer, news, Jan 06, 2016

New Look for the Lab

New look for Apple Lab - in October the main laboratory room of the Apple Lab was refurbished.

In news, Nov 02, 2015

Jan Worst 1928 to 2015

Jan Worst – a pioneer of intraocular lens design and the co-founder of the Ophtec IOL-manufacturing company – has died in Groningen in The Netherlands on 25th September 2015.

In pioneer, news, Oct 01, 2015

DGII Award for Mary Attia

Karlsruhe, Germany 28th February 2015 - DGII Award for Dr Mary Attia. During the 29th annual meeting of the German-speaking Society of Intraocular Lens Implantation, Interventional an...

In research, news, Mar 11, 2015

Feast for Eye and Ear

Heidelberg, Wednesday 21 January 2015

In news, Jan 25, 2015

The Ridleys visit the Lab

50 Years of the Ridley Eye Foundation

In news, Dec 22, 2014

Boston ASCRS.

Boston, Massachusetts 29th April 2014: At the 2014 ASCRS Films Awards Ceremony Dr. med. Ramin Khoramnia MD FEBO won Runner-Up prize in the category, Cataract Complications, with the f...

In news, Apr 30, 2014

Better vision for AMD patients.

TOKYO World Ophthalmic Congress

In clinical, news, Apr 03, 2014

Congratulations, Ramin!

Ramin Khoramnia, Research Fellow from The Apple Lab came second overall in the European Board of Ophthalmology’s 2013 classification of 440 examination candidates.

In staff, news, Aug 29, 2013

A Lab with history

The origin of the David J Apple International Laboratory for Ocular Pathology goes back to the establishment in 1980 by David Apple and Randall J. Olson MD of a pathology laboratory i...

In history, Aug 01, 2013

The Legend of Albert Schweitzer

Altstadt Heidelberg, Thursday 21 February 2013: Prof Gerd Auffarth gave a lively talk to a full audience in a church hall here, on the Mythos Albert Schweitzer.  Not only talking abou...

In news, Feb 22, 2013

Crossing an Ocean – the laboratory that moved

Last year, the Laboratory moved from Charleston South Carolina to University Eye Department of the University of Heidelberg. The Laboratory Head is Professor Gerd U. Auffarth, Eye Dep...

In news, Nov 02, 2012

Moving to Heidelberg.

Heidelberg, Germany. September 11, 2012. The initial phase has begun, to establish at the University of Heidelberg an international laboratory for research on intraocular devices - a ...

In lab, news, Sep 11, 2012