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DGII Award for Mary Attia

Donald Munro Donald Munro Follow Mar 11, 2015 · 1 min read
DGII Award for Mary Attia
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Karlsruhe, Germany 28th February 2015 - DGII Award for Dr Mary Attia. During the 29th annual meeting of the German-speaking Society of Intraocular Lens Implantation, Interventional and Refractive Surgery (DGII)* the award for “Best Paper of the Session” in the Scientific Sessions on Multifocal IOLs was made to Dr Mary Safwat Aziz Attia, Assistant Doctor in the Department of Ophthalmology in the Heidelberg University Clinic.

Dr. Attia has been carrying out research in the Heidelberg Eye Department and the Apple Lab since June 2013. Her 2015 winning paper “Evaluation using the Salzburg Reading Desk of the Reading Performance in patients with an Apodised Diffractive Multifocal IOL” continues on the research work which she first presented at the 2014 DGII Meeting (where she also won the best paper; reading performance in patients with trifocal IOLs.)

The Salzburg Reading Desk© (SRD)

The reading desk is a specially-designed instrument that allows investigators to assess a patient’s reading acuity, reading speed and visual function. The instrument simulates a natural reading Environment, calculates acuity in logMAR and records reading speed under various illumination and contrast levels. It is proving to be a helpful tool in assessing the outcomes of Multifocal IOL patients.

* DGII: Deutschsprachige Gesellschaft für Intraokularlinsen-Implantation, Interventionelle und Refraktive Chirurgie

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