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Platinum Performance!

The German Congress of Ophthalmic Surgeons was the largest face-to-face meeting in three years with 5,400 delegates. Four of the seven possible "Conference Best Paper Awards" went to Heidelberg researchers. Dr. Gerd U Auffarth received the first ever Platinum Medal to be awarded by DOC.

In laboratory, news, Jun 26, 2022

Breaking news from Seoul

At this year’s APACRS Film Festival we won a prize for CSI Heidelberg- A view from inside. Now we’re heading to South Korea to film a documentary about the country. We’ll be back in a week or so to share the results with you.

In lab, news, Jun 11, 2022

Announcement: Prof. Auffarth to present the 2022 Ernst Bodenheimer Memorial Lecture.

2022 Ernst Bodenheimer Memorial Lecture: "Corneal Treatments and Surgery 2022: What We are Doing Differently" Keynote by Gerd U. Auffarth, M.D., Ph.D. of Ruprecht-Karls University of Heidelberg.

In lab, news, Apr 27, 2022

Physico-chemical parameters of Silicone Oil

The study focused on the physicochemical parameters of silicone oil after its use as an intraocular tamponade in retinal detachment surgery. The long duration does not alter the parameters of the oils within the eye, and this information further stresses the oil-aqueous interface as the prime source of emulsification.

In lab, news, Feb 06, 2022

Polyimide cannulas

The polyimide cannula decreased the injection time to a quarter for all silicone oils we tested. While conventional metal cannulas failed to inject the super high-viscosity silicone oil, the Polyimide-cannula injected a clinically relevant volume in only 10 minutes. The cannulas were tested in a feasibility study in porcine cadaver eyes.

In research on silicone oil, news, Feb 06, 2022

Pupil dynamics

Pupil dynamics after in-the-bag versus anterior and retropupillary iris-fixated intraocular lens implantation. Study published in Nature’s Scientific Reports - on the effect on pupil size after three different strategies for IOL fixation. Both groups showed a smaller scotopic pupil size postoperatively, when compared to preoperative values.

In publication, lab, Nov 26, 2021

In memory of Emanuel Rosen

Heidelberg 23 November 2021. We learn with sadness that Emanuel Rosen died on 20 November. Emanuel was a giant in UK, European and world ophthalmology. He was President of the IIIC, I...

In news, Nov 23, 2021



In clinical, news, Oct 12, 2021

The Nuc'Cracker

“The Nuc´Cracker Suite**” was one of the award-winning videos at this year’s ESCRS congress. In this post, Dr Auerbach explains here why he made this 8 minute video and how he made it. “We wanted to present an artistic and didactic approach to cataract surgery, one where we lay out the important steps in a step-by-step sequence.”

In lab, news, Oct 10, 2021

The 80th anniversary of David Apple

Heidelberg 14 September 2021. Today would be the 80th birthday of David Joseph Apple, MD (14 September 1941, to 18 August 2011). He was the founder of our laboratory and above all he ...

In lab, history, Sep 14, 2021