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DOC23 Success

Leonie Britz and Max Hammer each won a “Best Paper of Session" Award for their lectures at the DOC Congress in Nuremberg. Well done and congratulations to you both. Gerd U Auffarth MD, PhD, FEBO, DJ Apple Laboratory.

In lab news, Jun 20, 2023

Introducing Dynamic Stimulation Aberrometry

The eye's reflex action of Accommodation permits us to focus on a near object and then look at a distant object. The accommodation process is impaired in presbyopic patients and may also play a role in the pathophysiology of myopia. The dynamic approach of the DSA method opens the possibility of seeing changes during the accommodation process in parallel with pupil motility.

In lab, news, , Apr 29, 2023

Two Apple cores

The Old and the New Korps: two cores

In news, history, Mar 01, 2023

Recommending realistic incision sizes!

Incision size recommendations - under the microscope.

In lab, news, Feb 16, 2023

We're Recruiting!

The David J Apple Center for Vision Research is expanding. The successful candidate would conduct laboratory bench research, rheological analyses and Wet Lab surgery projects. The student researcher will become part of our research group and get the chance to gain valuable experience. There is the possibility to conduct a medical doctoral thesis after mastering the required methods.

In lab, news, Jan 23, 2023

Nepal Appeal

Harold Ridley made the first intraocular lens (IOL) on 29th November 1949. In 1967, he set up a registered charity, the **Ridley Eye Foundation (REF) which today funds cataract surgery in developing countries. The Foundation keeps a family connection – Harold Ridley's son Nicholas serves as its Chairman. In 2020, Nicholas and Alistair Wood, REF’s CEO, began an ambitious project to bring cataracts surgery to remote villages

In news, Nov 29, 2022

Prize-winning AAO 2022

Gerd Auffarth received the American Academy of Ophthalmology's Life Achievement Honor Award in Chicago. He is the one European surgeon recognized by the American organisation. “CSI Heidelberg - A view from Inside” won the Grand Prize of the AAO Global Video Contest.

In lab, news, Sep 29, 2022

Il gruppo 22 di Milano

Group photo in Milan

In lab, news, Sep 18, 2022

Merci beaucoup Philippe

Phillipe Sourdille, MD, will deliver the 1st David J. Apple MD Memorial Lecture titled “Events I Have Witnessed Over Many Years” on July 18, 2022 at the University-Eye-Clinic in Heidelberg, Germany. A fascinating journey through decades of ophthalmic research and disruptive technology.

In lab, news, Jul 18, 2022

Silicone oil drug delivery

The behavior of intravitreally applied drugs within silicone oil is not well researched. This is especially relevant in eyes with endophthalmitis that are treated with anti-infective drugs. Silicone oil, especially heavier-than-water silicone oil, may be used as a drug reservoir in the future.

In lab, news, Jul 12, 2022