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Prof. Dr. med. Gerd U. Auffarth MD, FEBO is the Head of the Laboratory, Eye Department Chairman and Director of The David J Apple Center for Vision Research.

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EndoArt® : 5 years

Heidelberg 18.06.2024. Five years ago, on 18th June 2019, I performed the first human implantation of the EndoArt® artificial DMEK-Implant (made by EyeYon Medical) at our Heidelberg U...

In lab research, clinical research, Jun 18, 2024

A rare case of Calcification

A rare case of intraocular lens (IOL) calcification in a patient with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome was studied, highlighting the importance of considering patient host factors in IOL selection.

In lab research, May 27, 2024

Appeal for Nepal

Today marks the 70th anniversary of Sir Harold Ridley’s pioneering intraocular lens (IOL) operation, performed at St Thomas’s Hospital in London on November 29, 1949.

In news, Nov 29, 2023

DOG 2023 -Group Photo

The annual congress of the German Society of Ophthalmology (D.O.G.) took place on September 29, 2023, in Berlin, featuring a group photo of ophthalmologists from hospitals, medical centers, and research centers, including the David J Apple Center for Vision Research.

In lab news, Sep 29, 2023


Prof. Gerd U. Auffarth delivered the 2023 APACRS LIM Lecture, discussing current and future developments in intraocular implants with new materials at the 35th APACRS Annual Meeting in Singapore.

In lab news, Aug 12, 2023

DOC23 Success

The David J Apple Laboratory celebrates success at the 35th International Congress of German Ophthalmic Surgery (DOC) in Nuremberg, where research fellows Leonie Britz and Max Hammer won "Best Paper of Session" Awards for their lectures.

In lab news, Jun 20, 2023

Nepal Appeal

"Remember 29th November 1949, the day Sir Harold Ridley implanted the first intraocular lens (IOL) at St. Thomas’s Hospital in London, marking a significant milestone in ophthalmology."

In news, Nov 29, 2022

Prize-winning AAO 2022

Dr. Gerd Auffarth receives the AAO Life Achievement Honor Award in Chicago, marking 30 years since his first attendance. He is also recognized for his video "CSI Heidelberg - A view from Inside," which won the Grand Prize of the AAO Global Video Contest.

In lab, news, Sep 29, 2022

Il gruppo 22 di Milano

Group photo in Milan

In lab, news, Sep 18, 2022

Merci beaucoup Philippe

Professor Philippe Sourdille delivered the 1st David J. Apple MD Memorial Lecture, "Events I Have Witnessed Over Many Years," at the University-Eye-Clinic in Heidelberg, Germany, sharing a fascinating journey through decades of ophthalmic research and technology.

In lab, news, Jul 18, 2022

In memory of Emanuel Rosen

Emanuel Rosen, a renowned ophthalmic surgeon, left a lasting impact on the field of cataract and refractive surgery. He was a unifying force, introducing key elements like ESCRS, JCRS, and EuroTimes, which continue to support global development in the field.

In news, Nov 23, 2021

IOL fixed to the capsulotomy!

A European multicenter trial found that a new IOL fixed to a femtosecond laser-made capsulotomy resulted in less decentration, tilt, and rotation, providing excellent visual and refractive outcomes over 12 months.

In Clinical , news, Feb 27, 2021

4. Heidelberger Helmholtztage, 27 & 28 November

The 4th Heidelberg Helmholtz Days will take place on November 27-28, 2020, as a hybrid meeting at the Palatin Congress and Cultural Centre in Wiesloch, Heidelberg. The event will have 150 in-person attendees and offer live online lectures, with a focus on current topics related to Hermann Helmholtz's work.

In event, news, Oct 03, 2020

Eradicating PCO

Gerd Auffarth celebrates David Apple's landmark paper on eradicating posterior capsule opacification, highlighting its significance in reducing YAG laser procedures and improving cataract surgery techniques.

In lab, news, Mar 29, 2020

Wolfgang Haigis: in memoriam

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Haigis, a renowned physicist, passed away on October 15, 2019, at the age of 72. He was a pioneer in biometry and developed the Haigis formula, used globally for cataract surgery.

In innovator, news, Oct 18, 2019

lOL opacification after vitrectomy and gas injection

Hydrophilic intraocular lenses can opacify due to calcium deposition after pars plana vitrectomy and intravitreal gas injection, requiring IOL explantation.

In Dec 27, 2018

(ARCHIVE) Welcome Lucia

Dr. Lucia Poggi, a cell biology leader, has joined the David J Apple International Laboratory for Ocular Pathology. She has a background in cellular-resolution microscopy and researches in-vivo cell biology, focusing on asymmetric cell division and fate identity acquisition during ocular development and regeneration.

In staff, news, Jul 15, 2016

(ARCHIVE) Welcome Sonja

The David J Apple International Laboratory for Ocular Pathology is a leading research center for intraocular devices, continuing the work of renowned expert David J Apple. The lab focuses on improving IOL design, materials, and implantation techniques to avoid complications.

In staff, news, Jul 01, 2016

Steinbeis Center

The David J Apple Center for Vision Research is a Steinbeis Research Center focused on intraocular devices, with research and clinical work managed within the center.

In lab, news, Mar 01, 2016

Seasonal greetings

The David J Apple Laboratory extends seasonal greetings, wishing clients and friends a Merry Christmas and a peaceful, prosperous, and healthy New Year. They look forward to working together in 2016.

In news, Dec 23, 2015

(Archive) Welcome Patrick

Dr. Patrick Merz, a research biotechnologist with six years of experience, joins the David J Apple International Laboratory for Ocular Pathology as Laboratory Leader, overseeing research programs and managing facilities.

In lab, news, May 01, 2015


The David J Apple Laboratory continues the pioneering work of Dr. David Apple which focuses on intraocular lens research and improving cataract surgery techniques.

In lab, Jan 07, 2013

Why Heidelberg?

Heidelberg University is a public research university in Germany, founded in 1386. It is known for its strong research tradition, with 55 Nobel Prize winners affiliated with the university. The university has two main campuses, one in the Old Town and another in Neuenheimer Feld, which houses the medical and natural sciences faculties. Heidelberg is consistently ranked among Europe's top universities, with a strong focus on international education and research collaborations.

In history, lab, Oct 24, 2012