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Maximilian Hammer is an Ophthalmology Resident at the University Eye Clinic Heidelberg and a Research Scientist at the David J Apple Laboratory.

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Oil and Lenses don't mix

Heidelberg, 23 November 2023, we are very pleased to see in the latest American Journal of Ophthalmology our paper published on our experimental study examining straylight from oil dr...

In Silicone oIl study, Nov 26, 2023

Overcoming implantation challenges with SING IMT

The SING IMT is an implantable telescope. With a haptic diameter of 10.8mm, an axial length of 4.4 mm and a weight of 63 mg in aqueous humor the implant is substantially bigger and heavier than conventional IOLs. With its increased size and weight the lens device significantly stretches the average-sized capsular bag.

In news, Aug 01, 2023

Introducing Dynamic Stimulation Aberrometry

The eye's reflex action of Accommodation permits us to focus on a near object and then look at a distant object. The accommodation process is impaired in presbyopic patients and may also play a role in the pathophysiology of myopia. The dynamic approach of the DSA method opens the possibility of seeing changes during the accommodation process in parallel with pupil motility.

In lab, news, , Apr 29, 2023

We're Recruiting!

The David J Apple Center for Vision Research is expanding. The successful candidate would conduct laboratory bench research, rheological analyses and Wet Lab surgery projects. The student researcher will become part of our research group and get the chance to gain valuable experience. There is the possibility to conduct a medical doctoral thesis after mastering the required methods.

In lab, news, Jan 23, 2023

Silicone oil drug delivery

The behavior of intravitreally applied drugs within silicone oil is not well researched. This is especially relevant in eyes with endophthalmitis that are treated with anti-infective drugs. Silicone oil, especially heavier-than-water silicone oil, may be used as a drug reservoir in the future.

In lab, news, Jul 12, 2022

Physico-chemical parameters of Silicone Oil

The study focused on the physicochemical parameters of silicone oil after its use as an intraocular tamponade in retinal detachment surgery. The long duration does not alter the parameters of the oils within the eye, and this information further stresses the oil-aqueous interface as the prime source of emulsification.

In lab, news, Feb 06, 2022

Polyimide cannulas

The polyimide cannula decreased the injection time to a quarter for all silicone oils we tested. While conventional metal cannulas failed to inject the super high-viscosity silicone oil, the Polyimide-cannula injected a clinically relevant volume in only 10 minutes. The cannulas were tested in a feasibility study in porcine cadaver eyes.

In research on silicone oil, news, Feb 06, 2022

Pupil dynamics

Pupil dynamics after in-the-bag versus anterior and retropupillary iris-fixated intraocular lens implantation. Study published in Nature’s Scientific Reports - on the effect on pupil size after three different strategies for IOL fixation. Both groups showed a smaller scotopic pupil size postoperatively, when compared to preoperative values.

In publication, lab, Nov 26, 2021