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Dr. Grzegorz Łabuz is Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the David J Apple Center for Vision Research.

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Corneal Centre to Periphery: Astigmatism Changes

The study analyzed corneal topography data from 641 elderly patients to assess mid-peripheral astigmatism. It found that central corneal astigmatism differs from mid-peripheral measurements, with a greater difference in patients with against-the-rule, oblique, and high astigmatism. The magnitude of astigmatism decreases with distance from the center, but the axis remains largely unchanged.

In lab, news, Apr 08, 2021

Straylight from glistenings

Glistenings in hydrophobic acrylic intraocular lenses (IOLs) are fluid-filled microvacuoles that can negatively impact visual function. Studies have shown that severe glistenings can mildly reduce contrast sensitivity and visual acuity. The formation of glistenings is highly dependent on IOL material, with hydrophobic acrylic materials being most affected. In-vitro studies have been conducted to accelerate glistening formation and evaluate the optical quality of IOLs. Results indicate that a limited number of glistenings does not significantly affect image quality, but dense glistenings can lead to small deteriorations in optical performance.

In publication, news, Jul 01, 2019